How do you open a new semester? Many students do not want to go to school. Because he had to go to study in subjects that he did not like Subjects you don’t want to study which maybe because of that subject Teachers do not understand, teach slow or the content is boring. Today, we have platforms like, where learning has been blended perfectly. We are going to introduce you to how to adapt so that you can happily study the subjects you don’t like.

  • Review yourself first.

The first thing you should do is sit back and review yourself first. Why don’t we enjoy studying some subjects? May start by asking the question I don’t like this course Because I do not understand the content taught by the teacher Don’t like this course Because they don’t like the teacher’s teaching method or don’t like this subject Because I was bored of the content I learned If the younger does not like the teacher We want you to recite to yourself for the next semester or go to class. You may not have met that teacher anymore, so don’t hate your subject. In the next semester, you may meet a teacher who teaches well.

  • Talk to the teacher directly.

If the children don’t like the subjects they learn Because the content is boring And teach not understand Brother suggested talking directly to the teachers of the subject that we are not interested in this subject at all. And asked for advice from the teacher that Are there any learning resources that will increase interest in this subject, such as articles, newspapers, documentaries, YouTube programs, etc. You may ask your teacher to help explain that How can it be applied to real life? Asking for advice directly from your teacher This will make them understand more about how useful the content is. Or is there any way to encourage happiness in studying that subject?

  • Realize the importance of subjects.

Every subject in the school is designed to give broad knowledge, but every subject is important in one way or another. You can start by asking a friend. Or teachers why this course is fun and important for learning as a whole. This may help them adjust their perspective on subjects they don’t like. For example, they don’t like English. But learning English will make it possible to communicate with foreigners.

  • Find a point that connects knowledge outside the classroom.

Studying content in subjects that do not like It may not be boring anymore if you can find a connection to knowledge outside the classroom or other subjects. For example, studying chemistry allows you to identify how each substance reacts or which substances help. What is the harm or benefit of the environment? Knowing chemicals Can be linked to the daily food combinations Or knowing you and the harm of chemicals in home cleaning products

  • Find motivation to study

Ultimately, finding the motivation to study is important to get your child to learn the subjects they don’t like. We divide motivation into two categories; one is long-term motivation, such as the overall grades, which will affect the university education. Or applying for a job, so if you don’t want to give less overall grades Even if it is a subject that does not like Must be fully determined In the second part is Short-term incentives, for example, if you do homework And read more books on subjects that do not like for an hour You will reward yourself by playing a 10-minute game or buying a snack you love to eat.

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