How much is a yellow sapphire worth

How much is a yellow sapphire worth

The yellow sapphire price per carat mostly depends on its tinge, brightness, and its color saturation. The majority of yellow corundums are light-colored, or straw-colored in another words. One of the most valuable tinge, according to the gemological community, is Golden Yellow.

Yellow sapphire price ranges between $100 and $150 per carat since it is considered a gemstone. Although this color is not the most expensive among all varieties of sapphire, it is still quite valuable. The most valuable stone is a cornflower sapphire, its price ranges from $400 to $1000. The price of a yellow sapphire depends not only on the caratage of the stone but also on flaws if there are any, as well as transparency and color saturation. Therefore it is difficult to predict the cost of a particular item. The price of a setting is always taken into account.

Gem cutting is also quite important. Depending on this factor, the shine of a stone becomes more expressed, if there are more facets in the mineral. The ideal cut is considered to be of the “A” type. Therefore, the price, as well as the look, depends on the skill of the jeweler who shapes the stone. Keep this in mind when making your jewelry custom-made, as it is better not to skimp on the experience of the jeweler.

It is important to try on the stone and see it in composition with the jewelry. If you like it, don’t forget to check the authenticity of the gem. It is best to ask for documents from the shop consultants, as well as for magnifying glass. Sapphire is a quite practical and hard stone, so you should not worry about changes in its appearance, because the product will delight the owner for many-many years.

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