How does Cloud keep data secure

How does Cloud keep data secure?

 Have you ever imagined how Cloud keeps all the data stored in it secure? How do they achieve this feat amidst rising Cybercriminal activities? What do they do differently from conventional methods that will help them keep hackers at bay? 

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the topic. But before that, if you are interested in getting CCSP certified, I recommend you check out this CCSP Course which is made from scratch to help professionals in earning a CCSP certification

How does Cloud keep data secure? 

First of all, Cloud servers are stored in locations to which most workers don’t have access. Secondly, all the files stored in a cloud platform are encrypted. Well, these are not the only reasons that make the Cloud a secure platform there are many reasons for it. Let’s discuss them one by one to gain a better understanding. 

Security updates

Cloud Security professionals regularly update and install upgrades to maintain the security measures. Every tool brings out updates that will help you battle malware or other vulnerability issues. Some will offer patches that are key in maintaining tight security measures. 


Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, and many others rely on a firewall to help them secure the data stored. Firewalls have been an easy and underrated setup for securing online systems and files. These built-in firewalls could be hardware or software-based that apply the set rules to filter out traffic that is seemingly vulnerable or generate suspicion. If you are excited to know more about CCSP, check out this CCSP Tutorial for Beginners


It is an important concept when it comes to securing data in the cloud. Cloud Providers create multiple copies of data and store them in multiple locations to ensure that there is always a backup when one or more data centers go down due to a natural calamity or blackout. 

AI tools and Auto-Patching

Today, AI and ML-based systems are growing in every field that we know of. Cloud Security is no different. Cloud Security professionals are turning their attention towards AI-based tools in helping them detect vulnerabilities earlier and much more quickly and also auto-patch them to help save time and allow Cybercriminals to make their way to the system. 

Along with these, what could you do to strengthen data security? 

What are some additional steps for additional security? 

There are some things that you can do to ensure extended security and they are: 

Data Encryption

Your best security strategy is to encrypt all of your data. Make sure that your Cloud Service Provider has apt data encryption policies that will help in preventing hackers from accessing your data. 

Data Backups 

Performing Data Backup is a good way to extend your safety measures. Ensure that your Cloud Service Provider offers a Data Backup feature so that you will enjoy continuous access to your files even if a server goes down. If you possess sensitive files, it’s better to store them on your external hard drives on top of Cloud storage. 

Two-factor Authentication

Enabling this feature will help you strengthen data security. Two-factor authentication means that you have to provide two different pieces of information to access your data. It will make it much more difficult to access data through emails or the personal information of a user for a hacker. Feel free to visit to know more about- Future of Cloud Computing

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