Features To Love in Huawei Freebuds 4i

Features To Love in Huawei Freebuds 4i

Huawei is always the first to give you the best services in all of its products including, matebook, laptops, earbuds, bands, smart watches, smartphones, and many more. Not only this Huawei also become very papular for its earbuds creation.

In the world of earbuds, Huawei introduces the Huawei freebuds 4i. These are the best creatin on Huawei if you want to explore more about Huawei freebuds 4i check out this link and gain all the information about this stunning device.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the important information about Huawei freebuds 4i. We will also discuss all of its features one by one to give you proper knowledge of the features of Huawei freebuds 4i.

Stunning Features of Huawei freebuds 4i

Elegant design

It is an oval shape available in beautiful colors to give it a refreshing touch. It is an original design with a very smooth touch. Its streamlined curves are highly polished to give a perfect finish to your earbud case. They have a very standard and modern look with their elegant colors that  include:

  • Ceramic white
  • Carbon black
  • Red

Active Noise Cancellation

Due to its powerful noise cancellation effect, you can hear your desired sound. It had an ANC sensor to reduce all the ambient noises. You are going to love the effect because it can make your music crystal clear. It can actively reduce all the outdoor and indoor extra noise to give comfortable and accurate listening.

Not only this if you want to talk to someone during listening to the music you can easily do this with the help of awareness mode. You can easily switch it on by pressing and holding down the earbud.

Continuous Playback

You love to listen to music all day and do not want to charge your earbud every 3 to 4 hours. No worries because this Huawei freebuds 4i is going to give you the best 10-hour back-to-back playtime. So that you can easily enjoy your music without any disturbance. It also has different charging ranges:

  • 10 hours of continuous music playback
  • 10-minute charging to enjoy for 4 hours.
  • 22 hours of massive playback together with a charging case.

Pure Audio

You are going to hear pure and crystal clear sound if you have Huawei freebuds 4i. Its polymeric diaphragm gives you comfort to your ears with a high base. With its dynamic coil driver and sensitive consumption, it gives a very punchy base with clear beats.

Another feature of low latency will help you to have the best combination of audio and video playing at a time. Play video games and win the battle with Huawei freebuds 4i. That’s cool, right?

Touch Accuracy

These high-quality earbuds have sensors to detect your command to give you proper working ability.it has a tactile sensation. Tap two times for play pause or for calls. And long press for turning on and off or ANC and awareness modes.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, these earbuds are ideal for daily use because they have basic features to use in everyday life or these features give comfort to their users. Huawei freebuds 4i is overall the best earbuds for everyday use.

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