Expectations of Students from their Tutors

Expectations of Students from their Tutors

Teachers have a lot of expectations from children. They expect the child to be disciplined and well mannered, should be very inclined towards their studies and good social activities, and complete their homework timely. But no one ever notices, neither parents nor tutors that even kids also expect something from them. Today there is no lack of learning technologies. Students are learning from several mediums where teachers instruct students to attempt some assignments and projects for which students take help from school LMS. School LMS helps students to complete their projects of curriculum. Teachers have a lot of expectations from their students therefore, they keep on giving many assignments according to their students and students also keep on completing such assignments through online education apps and online learning portals like LMS portals. LMS portals help students in their learning in a very efficient manner. Students keep on fulfilling the expectations of their parents and their mentors and teachers continuously but no one asks their expectations from their parents, teachers and life. Teachers also should pay attention to the feelings of their students in order to gain their trust and their respect. Students don’t need much from anyone, their imaginations are limited and like kids. Hence, tutors or parents should keep in mind that students do have some expectations and should keep focusing on accomplishing them as much as they are capable of.

Few Expectations Which Students Have from Teachers:

  • Student life is full of imaginations and enthusiasm. They expect a lot from life. In a class full of students and a mentor they also expect to have their own identity and hence they look towards their mentors in order to find out whether he recognizes him/her or he/she is just a target whom they have to make complete their course material in time and bring good scores. Students also expect their teachers to recognize their names, they want their mentors to know about their achievements and good aspects of their personalities.
  • Students want their mentors to teach them some social skills also apart from making them mug up the course all the time. Students usually get fed up to hear that they don’t have experience then how they are going to achieve experience? unless the teacher connects the bookish knowledge with practical life and explains it to the kids and students. Hence, students expect their teachers to explain how the matter read in books is relevant to real life.
  • Students expect their teachers to give some respect to their imagination also. It is so because they are unable to understand that when they are learning according to the instructions of their mentors and teachers then why are they not able to inculcate their creativity based on the teaching of the same teacher? Here, it becomes a grave issue because most of the teachers take this question on their ego whereas they should not. In fact, they should resolve this dilemma in the mind of the students and listen to the creative ideas of children.
  • A teacher expects students’ study in a disciplined manner whereas it is completely different from reality. No students want to study the lessons according to the book, instead, students expect their mentors to teach them from those lessons on priority which are interesting one and have much more interesting contents to be taught. Sometimes students also request their teachers to teach some particular topics before their sequential number. Then tutors should expect the request of children because this gives them pleasure and they take interest in particular subjects too.
  • Students know very well that they have very less experience as compared to their tutor and they respect them for that too but do tutors respect the children for their dedication and respect they pay to the tutors? Usually not, they usually take this for granted and it is a bitter truth that whenever students ask any such question out of curiosity about which they are unaware of, then they treat such kids very badly and disrespectfully. So, students are not asking for a Nobel prize. They are just asking for some respect because they also study the whole day dedicated to fulfilling their parents, peers and teacher’s expectations.

As a conclusion, we can say that students don’t expect much from their teachers. Hence, if they pay a little attention to the feelings of students then they can achieve better results from them.

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