Ending unhealthy relationships

Ending unhealthy relationships

In life, we may come across relationships that are extremely unfulfilling. They may be marred by emotional abuse, trauma, physical and emotional violence. However, some relationships might not have such grave dimensions to them, but you still may be miserable in the relationship.

These make us more unhappy than happy. Tears, depression, and sadness are the hallmarks of such relationships. We stay for the years invested in the relationship. Some people stay just because they do not have the energy left to leave.

The challenge of finding new relationships might scare people into staying. There are also practical entanglements that might then cause you to stay. Certain people stay due to the hold their partner has on them. Some narcissists are very smart in their game; they hurt you and then sham remorse.

It can therefore be very hard to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships, but its important to do so, especially if you are experiencing trauma. Alongside breaking off, you also then need the help of a good mental health expert, like those at MaxHealth Hospital.

Ways to end unhealthy relationships

It is not easy to do, but it is necessary to do it in order to save your sanity and self. Here are some helpful tips to help you end unhealthy relationships:

Understand if its love

Sometimes, we confuse comfort with love. That’s not true; just because you are used to a person does not mean that you are in love. Similarly, addiction is also confused with love; you might think you cannot quit the relationship because you are in love, but the fact is, it is just an unhealthy addiction.

Hence, make this distinction. It will aid in making the transition out of the relationship.

Do not disregard your feelings

Many people will tell you that you are being ungrateful. They will make you think your partner is a catch, and letting that relationship is not a good idea. Such conflicting views can then confuse you, and make you second-guess yourself.

However, it is important that you be true to your feelings. Recognize the times when the relationship stifles you and use it for momentum towards ending your relationship. No outsider knows your struggles; therefore, their opinion does not count, your feelings do.

Be kinder to yourself

You might feel as if this unhealthy relationship is something you have to make your peace with. Your self-esteem might have been eroded through the years of trauma. Some people might think of themselves as horrible, deserving of this sort of a relationship.

You then need to pipe down this spiral of negativity. Practice some self-compassion. Be kinder to yourself. Know that you deserve better.

Get support

To help yourself get out of an unhealthy relationship, you might need to get yourself some support. Surround yourself with people who will give you encouragement, help you make this transition, and who will not make you doubt your decision.

When you have family and friends that support you, you then have it easier to quit the relationship. So, do not be afraid or ashamed of asking for their help.

Since a lot of relationships ends because of either of the partner being addicted to substance abuse, it becomes even more important to have the support of your loved ones and even professionals to make sure strong as you decide to get out of that relationship. They can help you get out of the trauma that you suffered because of your partner’s addiction problem and associated misbehavior even when your partner has undergone the dual diagnosis treatment for their addiction problem and is still not ready to follow the recommended medication and habits by the experts.

Have a game plan

When deciding to walk out of a relationship, having a game plan can help. It not only then helps you in planning out how you are going to go about it, but it also addresses the uncertainty that worries your brain.

Think slightly long-term in this plan, considering especially your moments of weakness. There will come times when you miss your partner or friend but make a plan to fight these feelings.

Address the trauma

Getting out of a traumatic and abusive relationship is extremely hard, but very necessary, as otherwise, your mental and physical health is at stake. To help you make this transition and undo the damage sustained due to the relationship, you must seek the help of the Best Psychologist in Karachi then.

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