Create a Secure Payment Link Online in Seconds

Create a Secure Payment Link Online in Seconds

In a cash-free society, an electronic payment system is the need of the moment. Starting from a small sum of money transfer to significant fat business transactions from one bank account to another account, anything and everything is now made possible by digital payment platforms these days. This advanced payment gateway offers a safe transaction with new-age technology of payment links for the electronic medium of transferring funds. This article would aim to look at the nitty-gritty of generating a hassle-free payment link within seconds.

What is a Payment Link?

First of all, we need to understand what all a payment link entails. A payment link is one of the most convenient and most accessible ways of accepting payments online. It is a uniquely automated URL linked to a particular payment gateway page. Customers now have to click on the link and select their preferred payment mode amongst the many offered. With this link, your customers can pay you directly without any third-party transaction operator.

How does a Payment Link Function?

  • Create: First of all, generate the payment link.
  • Share: Send the payment link to your customer via SMS/ Messenger/ Facebook/ WhatsApp/email/ other messaging apps.
  • Accept: Collect the payment instantly online.
  • Confirmation: The checkout page will notify your successful payment configuration.

How to Create a Payment Link Online?

It takes only a couple of seconds to generate a new payment link online anytime, anywhere. Zaakpay is a leading payment gateway where you need no additional website or app to get updates on your payment proceedings. Let’s try to understand the procedure of creating one such link in a detailed manner below.

Step 1: Generate a new payment link

  • Choose your favorite payment gateway after comparing all the payment facilities, compatibilities, and amenities various payment platforms offer. Each payment gateway would have its user interface and its unique payment link-generating procedure. Please create an account to access their dashboard.
  • You have to go to the dashboard area of your payment gateway. Click on the ‘payment link icon’.
  • This step will take you to a payment link form with a secured payment gateway page. Fill out the form and provide the necessary details. Like in Zaakpay, you will have this icon right on the dashboard page. Here you can generate bulk payment links via an easy-to-navigate API or a single dashboard.
  • Finally, click on the ‘create link’ button.

Step 2: Send the link

  • Once the link is ready, copy the automatically generated link or the URL.
  • Share the link with your customers online.
  • Please remember that you can share one link multiple times.

Step 3: Track your payment and collect the fund

  • The payment link will connect the customer directly to the merchant page.
  • Here the customer will select their preferred payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, mobile wallet, net banking, UPI, etc.
  • You can track the status of your payment at this stage.
  • Accept the payment made by the customer.

Significant Security Protocols

Data security is the most crucial factor behind an online transaction for both the trader and the consumer in the eCommerce industry. It ensures customer data security and abides by all the government security protocols. Make sure your eCommerce website is dealing with a payment gateway that ensures the following measurements:

  • TLS Certificate: This Transport Layer Security certificate guarantees safe passage in the web server and the browser. Look for ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ at the URL that denotes encrypted and secure sites on the internet.
  • Tokenization: It allows the payment gatewayto replace customer data with a unique identifier, i.e., a ‘token’ to initiate a secure payment.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: As per RBI rules and regulations, the transaction will only be processed when the user puts accurate data at the authentication process. Zaakpay provides extra security by arranging OTP or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) measures in its payment links.
  • Other Mandatory Protocols: Ensure that your payment gateway, which you are using to endorse the payment link, is PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted.

What are the advantages of the payment link option in your line of work?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a payment link as your mode of apparatus for your online transaction.

  • Convenience: You will need no particular website or extra app for creating this payment link.A simple click is enough to complete your transaction. It is the most trusted and fuss-free alternative for your COD transactions. Payment links create wonders for freelancers by saving a reasonable amount of time and money.
  • Effortless and Smooth Transaction Experience: The entire procedure takes only a few steps to be complete. For example, the Zaakpay payment platform offers a faster checkout facility and provides SMS or e-mail alerts to receive your successful payment on this platform.
  • Complete Business Solution: Payment link is the champion in the payment world for businesses like B2B, B3C or even D2C. It eliminates the distress of manual billing, visiting banks, collecting fund processes at a one go. Therefore, this will help immensely in the growth of your trade-in in every possible way.

eCommerce has made its presence felt in the business world a few times. These sites would need an integrated payment gateway to arrange the transaction on behalf of the merchant. In such a scenario, payment links look like the answer to every need across business sectors. Payment links are the easiest and complete solution for your online payment purpose. It replaces the time-consuming manual collection of funds. Amongst various modes of online payment options, a payment link is emerging as the best fit for a convenient and easy contactless payment for the online marketplace.

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