Booming business industries this year

Booming business industries this year

Own business is the ability to plan your own time, independence from the will of the boss and the freedom to choose the type of activity. Does the lack of initial capital stop you? But there are many ways to start your own business without investment. This is the advantage of a small business, that at the initial stage, you will not need large financial investments and labor resources. To decide what business to do in 2022, evaluate how much it is in demand and promising. Choose the area of ​​business that interests you and is familiar to you.


Sale of goods is always relevant. In the trading segment of the market – a lot of money and the same competition. The lion’s share of profits goes to large retail chains. And yet, you can find your niche.

CBD industry in North America

It’s believed that the CBD industry is growing like never before. After making it legal in Canada and many states of the US, the space will grow to 100 billion dollars by the start of 2026. With the green lights from the legal systems of Canada, you can buy CBD products from highly trusted companies like TopShelfbc.

3D printed souvenirs

3D printing has been an actively developing area for several years, in which there is an active interest. Such printing of souvenirs is a moderately simple matter. It requires a 3D printer, a 3D modeler and a constant flow of materials. A suitable small printer will cost at least 150 dollars. Services of a 3D modeler – from 7 dollars. and higher for one model, but may be more, depending on the complexity of the model. The cost of materials varies greatly among themselves, because you can use very different materials depending on the needs – from plastic to copper. Selling souvenirs in general is quite a profitable business, and their 3D printing can significantly reduce their prices. This will ensure faster sales due to more souvenirs sold, which will positively affect profitability.

Conducting holidays and celebrations

Ingenuity, innovative thinking and organizational skills are qualities that will help you start your own business of organizing and conducting various events. Now no one is puzzled over the scenario of a corporate holiday , anniversary or wedding. These services are now ordered. For fun entertainment, people are willing to pay a lot of money. You will only have to invest in advertising. Necessary props for the holidays are ordered according to individual requests. But if you open an event agency, your initial costs will rise to 6 thousand dollars. You will need to buy sound equipment, entertainment props, hire a manager to take orders, and rent a small room. Creative employees can be hired by contract for each event. When the flow of clients becomes stable, the agency will bring up to 8 thousand dollars a month.

Seasonal storage

The service for seasonal storage of bulky items is gaining popularity . People are happy to hand over to the warehouse everything that takes up a lot of space in the apartment and is used only at certain times. If the size of the starting capital does not allow you to immediately rent a large room, start small. Equip a warehouse for individual storage on a small rented area. If you take the matter seriously, then it will take about 18 thousand dollars to open a business. This includes rent, salaries of at least two employees, installation of cells from a profiled sheet, installation of video surveillance, burglar alarms. The profitability of the project reaches 20% , the payback period is from one year.

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