Beginners method and professional method of using electric vape rig

Using the electric vape rig, you can enjoy your smoking with minimal harm and without smell. This device is very convenient to use everywhere. Also, it is a good choice for people advocating anti-smoking or family members of people who smoke.

Getting your electric vape rig ready for beginners: a step-by-step guide

1)If it is your first time using the device, you should use a new atomizer head to enjoy your vaping. By doing so, you can avoid the burnt taste.

2)Before using an e-cig, ensure that the atomizer head is inserted firmly into the base. If it is loose or falls off, please screw clockwise until it is tight.

3)Fill the electric rig with your favorite e-liquid (the volume of e-liquid should not exceed 2/3 of the atomizer body). Please do not fill too much liquid because it will draw a lot of vapor and waste much liquid. Also, it can cause flooding when vaping. You can also use your favorite flower if the rig is made for it.

4) Before turning on the switch, you need to inhale a certain amount of air(about 600ml), press and hold the fire button for 2-3 seconds until the e-vape is heated up.

5)The heating time will be different under different conditions:

  • When the e-cigar is low on power, the heating time will be longer;
  • The coil of the atomizer head will produce less smoke when it is heated for a long time. Please change to another new one if you find it does not work well.

6) After vaping, please turn off the fire button and take the e-vape rig off the base. You can also press the fire button for some time to smoke out liquid residue.

7) It is recommended to clean the atomizer head and base periodically to increase the service life of electronic cigarettes. (please use a cleaning brush specifically designed for an electric vape rig)

Professional methods for using an electric vape rig

(1) How to inhale/vape smoke?

It’s important to know as a beginner how to inhale the vapor smoke.

First of all, you need some weed or cannabis for vape smoking, then take a matchbox or other option to inhale the smoke from the electric rig vaporizer.

The first step is to unscrew the metal tube mouthpiece of an electric cig and insert cannabis into the tobacco chamber using one of your fingers. After inserting weed into the pipe, you should screw all parts again after getting a check that the metal tube mouthpiece is no longer hot.

The second step is to press the button on the electric cigarette battery. After that, inhale or suck thoroughly from the metal tube mouthpiece quickly when you see vapor coming out of an electric rig. Don’t suck the vapor deeply but quickly. This is an important part when you begin to smoke weed or cannabis for the first time.

The third step is to inhale as slowly as possible. After that, exhaling slowly, you’re able to enjoy more healthily and provide yourself with an excellent vape smoking experience. If you did it all right, it comes out perfect after about 4 or 5 times of practice.

You can adjust how strong the vapor smoke is with the electric wax vaporizers by controlling voltage level: low voltage will give you weak vapor, but high voltage gives you powerful vapor. Therefore, we ask beginner vapers not to use too much high voltage initially since it may affect their throat.

In addition to that, you can add some natural flavors to your cannabis and tobacco or weed by using one of these flavor additives.

(2) Which vape method is suitable for a beginner?

Beginners are not too familiar with the terminology when it comes to vaping. They may get confused using an electric rig vaporizer properly since there are two different methods: Beginner Vape Method and Advanced Vape Method. Both methods have pros and cons, but most people prefer to use the advanced method because it’s easier to inhale high voltage vapor smoke from an electric rig. There are several categories about this advanced vape method:

Parallel Vaping – Parallel vaping is a very common way to vape. An experienced vaper uses parallel vaping to produce hard vapor smoke from an electronic cigarette. The best result can be obtained when using high voltage and low resistance of atomizer/cartomizer. Usually, experienced “cloud chasers” must use multi-coil atomizers with several ohms or even less than 1ohm coil resistance. The hardest type of vaping but also produces huge vapor clouds. All you need is to change your battery or try different coils to achieve this kind of heavy cloud chasing.  

Serial Vaping – Just as its name suggests, serial or line vaping means that one puff after another. Another form of serial vaping is called back to back, which means taking a puff and then taking another puff at the same time very quickly. It’s also known as double barrel or DBV ( Double Barrel Vaping). Some people like this advanced technique because it saves them more battery life or liquid volume. You only need one puff for each inhaling session but still can enjoy a strong vapor smoke sensation with high nicotine levels in e-liquids. However, no huge clouds are produced from serially vaped e-rigs unless using high voltage settings.


If you are a beginner, we suggest you pick up an electric vape rig starter kit that contains everything you need. After that, try to get used to e-rigs by using different vaping methods like serial or parallel ones depending on your preference.

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