A Mindray AED is a life-saving tool in emergency

AEDs should be placed in public spaces to protect the lives of the general public because the patient survival rate can exceed 90% when CPR and AEDs are administered effectively within a minute after rescue. Let’s take Mindray’s AED as example to discuss the importance of AED for workplace.

Preparation steps before using an AED

While assessing their surroundings and making sure they are safe, monitor the patient’s breathing and level of consciousness. The initial step in administering first aid should be to call emergency services. Then, use the AED to defibrillate properly per the included instructions.

To use an AED, strictly adhere to the directions.

“Listen to it, act after the instruction” is the overall rule for using AEDs. Do not speed up or skip any steps of the procedure; follow the AED voice directions precisely.

Wait for the AED to determine whether the patient’s cardiac rhythm requires electrical defibrillation after attaching the electrode pads. To ensure that the AED can precisely determine the patient’s heart rhythm during this period, refrain from touching the patient.

Make sure the patient is not touchable before pushing the discharge button because defibrillation should only be carried out when recommended. Avoid touching the patient, and firmly warn everyone nearby, to prevent electrocution during defibrillation.

Till the patient wakes up or an ambulance shows up, adhere to the AED’s voice instructions. When using the AED, don’t switch it off. Never remove the electrodes.


The Mindray AED should be a helpful tool for treating cardiac arrest in public locations like workplaces and schools because its innovation has been proven to boost the success rate of first aid. Visit the official Mindray website for more information.

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