6 Instagram Tools for Busy Marketers In 2021

Instagram is among the most popular platforms apart these days where you can get millions of followers. Your brand and business can also improve efforts when it comes to Social media management like Instagram, Connected App, etc. There are Instagram tools that you can use and gain followers. Photo sharing is the thing on Instagram that makes this app popular. Newbie marketers and business owners lack the knowledge of managing their Instagram effectively and this is what keeps them behind.  

So, if you are using Insta for marketing your business and brand then this post will help you. We will tell you how you can use Insta tools for making the best business marketing strategies. Not only this here you will also learn how to manage these tools beyond just smartphones. 

Combin Growth

Combin Growth is one ideal tool with impressive features and covers almost all the aspects of attracting audiences.  There are features for analysis, targeting your potential, engagement, management and you name it.  With this tool, you will be able to attract followers and will be able to build a loyal community, find influencers related to your niche. One thing that is most interesting about this tool is that it utilizes machine learning technology that helps in analyzing the quality of users. This is one breakthrough technology that will sort the low quality from good ones. 

You will be able to eliminate pointless engagement that will save you with limited quality when it comes to daily actions. This will help you save time and sorting easy like commenting, liking, and following.  You will just get genuine, real and users that are interested in your account. 


This one is a star tool of Instagram and is extremely popular among fans. If you have a blog or site then SnapWidget is all that you need to easily and quickly embed their photo gallery. There are different layout options like slideshow, grid, photo map, etc where users can explore things on their Insta account. You just have to use a hashtag or your username to generate widgets. The tool will automatically pull the new photos from other hashtag or account every thirty minutes. 


All that that is having business and is connected with their clients through Instagram, SkedSocial is for you. This tool will help you easily manage your clients as well as your business. There are a plethora of features you will get with this tool. It has a schedule, uploading and is capable of supporting different accounts. With this tool, marketers can easily schedule from their desktop to their accounts on Instagram. It makes things manageable for marketers. Many marketers have started using SkedSocial for easy management. 


We all want convenience when it comes to managing our social media accounts. Websta has a tagline “Instagram Web Viewer” and it allows you to access your Instagram accounts through your desktop. Using this tool on your computers you will be able to access all the features of Instagram such as liking and commenting. There are several other abilities that this tool holds such as subscribing, organizing posts, getting statistics to accounts, hashtag pages, share posts on social media, messaging, and much more is there on the list. 


Graphic designs are important for every business and brand because it makes thing visually appealing.  If you have such a problem you can use Canva to like/dislike any graphics. It is extremely simple to use the tool and also pretty old in the business. It was founded in the year 2021 and is free to use by both professionals and new users. Due to its simplicity, access, and interface for millions of fonts, photographs, design elements it is loved by all. There is one amazing feature of Canva and that is its Design school. Here you can get all the help to learn about how to use this tool to create custom projects and more efficiently. 


Marketers who do not get much time to manage their Insta accounts will highly appreciate PromoRepublic.  It is having plenty of pre-made templates, content ideas which they can use for giveaways or promos. There is a graphic editor which makes customization easy. There is an AI system that can help marketers save a huge amount of time because it helps in creating a personalized posting schedule. It gives you the best time scheduling according to your business, audiences, and users time-based.   There is social monitoring also available that mentions and also responds to the messages on Twitter, Facebook, Connected App, and Instagram. 

These are the 6 most popular Instagram tools which you can use and save yourself plenty of money and time. If you want to be a better marketer then you must know about your resources, how to use them, and get the best out of them. There are many other Later, Unfold, and Crowdfire, etc. You can use what suits you the best.  

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