5 Tips to Select the Best Quality Ikura

5 Tips to Select the Best Quality Ikura

The taste of Ikura is hard to forget, if you tried it once in your life, I bet you are going to crave it again and again. Its nutritional values make it more delightful.

Similar to Sushi Ikura usually called solman roe which is now getting more popular in different countries and cities. Many Ikura lovers enjoy and try different Ikura home-cooked recipes.

At first, it was only used and served in Japanese cuisine. However, it is not a native of Japan. After 1900 it got a special place in Japanese cuisine and is now served with different Japanese dishes. Now it is cooked and eaten in different countries worldwide.

If you are also the one who recently got inspired by Ikura and wondering where to find the best and quality Ikura then I have aligned up some interesting and amazing buying tips for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main part.


  1. If you might observe that Ikura is most often sold in cans, sealed jars, or sealed glass jar packing. The best would be to choose the glass jar packaging because it’s easily see-through from the jar and you can see the quality of solman roe in the jar. Can are not transparent and it gets hard to see the condition of the solman eggs. You have to see the content of eggs carefully because it has high salt and preservatives in them to make them secure.
  2. Second thing that you need to check is its quality and for this, you have to look for a few things while seeing Ikura you have to see that it is in its right form like there should be no crack on it. the Ikura are too diligent. They got easily cracked so look for it properly by rotating the glass jar to check from each side. After that check for the sizes, they sometimes come in medium or small sizes. If they are of the same sizes then these are artificially manufactured. Also, remember the most important quality factor is that solman eggs taste good if they are fresh. Check if the eggs look dull and saggy then these are not the fresh solman eggs or Ikura. Don’t buy them!
  3. Third quality factor that you need to check is its sweetness a good quality Ikura will have a bit of sweetness and never taste saury when you eat it. these are soft-shelled eggs that burst into your mouth and dissolve quickly. you have to be careful and look upon it if smells different and awful and the shells seem crunchy while pressing or touching then these are not quality Ikura.
  4. Now that’s the most important and evident quality factor you have to look at the egg you might see a visible dot in each egg which is known as the eye of the egg. If the black dot is visible then that’s not the fake Ikura.
  5. lastly, the most common and important factor is always to check the expiry date of the jar.

Final words

By following these tips, you will be able to buy the best and quality Ikura for yourself. I have mentioned all basic Ikura quality buying tips.

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