20 ways to bring the spark back in the old marriage

20 ways to bring the spark back in the old marriage

If you are in a monotonous relationship, there is no excitement between you and your partner. Suppose you are scared of being surrounded by divorced marriages or marriage failures you wanted to spark your relationship with your partner. Mostly girls tend to wait for their partner to initiate romance, men also feel like dominating them, and they like their wife to initiate things. If you are into second Shaadi man usually restrict themselves to taking steps forward.

There are some innovative ideas to create a spark in your relation:

  1. Call your partner to appreciate them.
  2. Give them random calls to say love you, thank you for something they have done, and you were thinking of them.
  3. Send your partner surprise gifts to feel loved.
  4. Plan random dinner, long rides, or go for a walk to spend as much time as you can.
  5. Send random messages to work that say that you love them and cannot resist being with them.
  6. After reaching home, find your partner and hold close for a moment or two to show your love to them.
  7. Text your partner or spouse and tell them how perfect they are. You may want to include something regarding your partner which turns you on or one thing you love having only with her.
  8. Use your imagination; you need to tell your partner how important they are for you and how you are falling for her again – be innovative and creative whenever you feel time.
  9. Make seductive compliments as they make her feel special all day long.
  10. After ending the last meal of the day, or after kids go to bed, put one of your favorite music on or some video, take her close to you and step forward for a dance, relishing the feeling from your wedding.
  11. Create your model of a party for just the two of you.
  12. Drive to the beach and go for walks on the beach, holding hands.
  13. Undress every time you have some private time like the first time- gone slowly, touching the body as you go.
  14. When you have to go out of the city on a business trip, add some extra days for her and take her with you. As it makes her feel secure and gives some alone time,
  15. Go skinny-dipping into the pool or the hot tub.
  16. If your partner is going to come late from work, prepare dinner or help her make one.
  17. I get a chance to shower together.
  18. Make her special days more special like birthdays, anniversaries; never forget any one of them as it seems to be a crime for a girl.
  19. Always inform your partner before leaving the house, going to bed, or before you are leaving for somewhere else.
  20. Agree to meet at a social event or public place and act as if you are meeting for the first time.

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